Anaru Hine is the child of Churrure Hine and Hinamo Hine. His siblings are Roimata Hine, Tipene Hine, and Tane Hine.

Anaru Hine was born on May 16, raised from her mother Hinamo and her father Churrure, Along with his 2 brothers Tipene Hine, Tane Hine, and his only sister Roimata Hine. He was the always teasing and bothering his sister, until 7 years later, When Anaru's mother and father passed away during a car incident, trying to protect their children from being hit by a car on a summer day. Despite being small and vulnerable, Anaru stayed behind to make sure his siblings are alright, Where Roimata took their parent's to her friend's Father where he took care of them. After bringing them there, His parents died in the recovery room. Ever since his parent's death, he ran away along with his other brothers, leaving Roimata all alone.

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