Basic InformationEdit

Name: Cassie "CJ" Jones

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: Bee

DOB:Oct. 26th

Place of Birth: Arinect Town

Curent Residence: Arinnect Town

Occupation: Student/Shopworker

Alignment: Good

Personal InformationEdit


Bubbly and always happy. She tries to make everone happy all the time. She is almost never sad or mad. It takes a lot to make her cry, She is also a tomboy.

Hobbies/Talents: Making jars of honey and jam. Making honey and jam pies! Making pancakes. Writing in her diary,

Likes: Pancakes, honey, jam, skating, skateboard, happiness, hope, love, kindness, and peace.

Dislikes: Sadness, hate and war. Oh an snobs.




Apperance: Yellow and black striped skin and honey yellow eyes. Her hair color is black. She has a stinger and two little bee wings. Her hair is for the most part in two ponytails. She has long bangs.

Attire: She wears a yellow and black striped tanktop. She also with white gloves. Her pants are black and her shoes are also black.


The sweet girls parents are the owners of a big company that makes honey and jam. Since they are so busy she has to live with her grandma in Arinect town. Her parents vist once ever 4 months which she dreads. She hates how snobby they act and she hates it when they take her to "Fancy Parties". The children their don't do things she does so she is usually teased by them. Though her parents are very high class and snobby she is not at all. She hates snobby people and loves normal things, not things rich people have.

Weapons, Skills, and Powers:Edit

Her stinger can poison people for a few moments but it makes her very sick after using it so she only uses it when she really really needs to. She also keeps a honey gun with her. It shoots out honey that can either blind the enemy or stick them to the ground.


She is a horrible fighter and tries to runaway from fights.

Family,Friends and Enemies: Edit

Friends and Family:Edit

Cousin Stine- She hates her but their family

Rudo Rocky Delle: Best Friend


COITTRTW (The company of Insects trying to rule the world)- They threaten and destroy anybody that isn't a insect, bug, or arachnid.)