Centralism is a term that describes the act of one wikia seperating from another, usualy one that possesses a large number of members and articles. One very exellent example sm can be related to User:BlackSkyEmpire's observation, who saw how one community split of from another due to the want of change and end of violence from the home site. Centralism is also the exact opposite of Vassalism.

Sonic Fanon Central WikiaEdit

The observations that BlackSkyEmpire took origin from the website Sonic Fanon Wikia, which had ended its Golden Age after more members left due to lack of interest or other objectives in life. By the end of the Golden Age, the site became plauged in mismanagement and failure for anyone to take action, eventualy a group of users where tired of promise with no action and they established a fresh new community starting from scratch. Currently neither side has made gains or concessions, therefore placing a no mans land between the two.

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