File:Cquote1.pngPeople don't love me because I'm different...Because no one else cares about a little girl like me....that's why I don't enjoy my life, because it's too horrible that I commit suicide...File:Cquote2.png

Odin the Snail is a 10 year old lonely girl who searches for people to hang out with. Odin isn't well know, only known for being sad and alone for a long period of time. Odin doesn't look that Emo to people though, only when someone makes fun, bullies her around, or hurts her feelings. She goes to an abandoned house/warehouse/factory/or store and tries to commit suicide, thinking that no one loves her and would be best that she would perish, knowing that no one even knows her.


Charline Hagar
Odin the Sweetie Snail!
Age 10
Gender Female
Species Snail
Description Green skin, dark orange hair, light green/baby barf snail shell
  • Pink Shirt with a purple Smiley
  • Purple pants
  • smiling bunny shoes
  • blue gloves with open fingers
Relatives None so far
Nicknames Odie(Mostly by Thirza), Slimey, bunnie lover
Quotes "H-HI, I-Im Odie...I like warm chocolate milk and bunnies..."
Affiliations SPOF Fighters (just joined)
Romantic Interests None yet


Slimy poison goo

Abilities N/A
Theme(s) thumb|222px|right
Super Forms None
Ability Type Flight
Alter Egos None



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Thirza the Wild CatEdit

meeting on top of a sky scrapper, Thriza had such sympathy for the little one. As Odin explained a bit about her cut markings and how she's treated, Thirza opened up to her and asked to be her friend, as Odin accepted, She now does't feel so completely lonely, knowing she now has a new friend to be with.





Coming soon!

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