A list of currently ongoing Roleplays. If you have an idea for a Roleplay, discuss it on this article's Talkpage. If you gather enough support, your idea could be our next big Roleplay!

Alice's WonderlandEdit

Alice Maeda has fallen into a strange fit of depression and insanity. Doctors and psychologists have no idea where this stemmed from, and there seems to be no cure. In order to save herself, the normal Alice uses her powers to take her friends deep inside her mind, where they find just how strange her inner working really are. Mobians who represent people and memories, a strange World created from places in her childhood, kings and queens and knights as mad as a hatter. Every moment crazier than the last, but the strangest is the swarm of Crows destroying her mind. It's up to Mazda and his friends to find out just who's hurting Alice, even if it means going a little crazy himself.

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