Is the dark spirit sealed inside Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight. It was said that they are the same person, Only that Selenia created her with all of the dark energy she used. Sekebua is only triggered by Stress, Anger, Too much worries, etc.

Darkning "Sekebua" Darknight
File:Sekebua colored.png
Biographical Information
Age +5000 (16)
RelativesLightning "Selenia" Blisslight
AliasNone so far
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
SpeciesDark/Anger made hedgehog
  • Dark yellow/Dark gold fur
  • Terracotta Skin and muzzle
AttireSame outfit as Selenia (except boots)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • None so far
  • Darkness
  • Master Swordsmanship
  • Spectrakinetics
Super Forms
  • Super Sekebua
  • Shine Sekebua
  • Selebua
Other Information
American V.A.Norma *****
Japanese V.A.Norma *****
Theme Song(s)Pending...
First AppearanceRP: Game Invasion
Original CreatorUser:Lightning2315


R 'Rai' the Hedgehog Edit

At first She didn't believe that they were Siblings, Since Sekebua sees that He wasn't close to her huge level of power. But since he has proven to her that he is as powerful as her, Sekebua believed, as she embraced him.

Kenji 'Kazuo' the Hedgehog Edit

Kenji was nearly fooled by Sekebua's disguise, but after acknowledging that she isn't Selenia, he, along with his father, was nearly attacked by her after knowing who she is.


Nothing much is shown about Sekebua, only that she is made from Selenia's anger and sealed dark powers. Sekebua has never had a real emotion, only showing her maniac, wild, and/or crazy smiles and grins.

First AppearenceEdit



  • Your dare think of me as my selfish half?!
  • Let darkness overrule light!!!
  • You think I give a d*mn?!!
  • I love a good fight to hell!!!
  • I could break your neck and kill you in a second...But I choose not to!
  • Will we ever meet again....?
  • this liquid coming out of my eyes...?
  • What are these emotions??
  • Who are you to tell me?!?!


  • The name "Sekebua" came from a typo I accidentally did, Selenia with "L", "N", and "I". Sekebua with "K", "B", and "U"
  • Selenia and Sekebua are very hard to tell from each other, depending on how angered they are.
  • Oblivion the Hedgehog used s spell to reverse their spell, making Both Selenia and Sekebua seperate, but that still doesn't stop their mixing.
  • Sekebua is more of a darker side of Selenia, Meaning they are possibly real "Yin and Yang".
  • Sekebua is impossible to understand, only if she is drawn close to someone, Like Selenia. Who knows every detail of Sekebua.


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