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"All systems go, full speed ahead!."
—Miles Prower

Darkos The Regretful, by T-man67, is currently under construction. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

File:Cquote1.png Fools who don't listen will die in the process. File:Cquote2.png

Darkos The Regretful
Biographical Information
Age (ageless)5000
  • Black Doom(he has half of Doom DNA in him)
  • Iblis(he has half of Iblis DNA in him)
  • Mephiles the Dark(niece)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog(niece)
  • Shadow Clone(his nieces DNA)
  • Shadow Android(his nieces DNA)
  • Mephiles the Light(Son)
  • Grave the Echidna(Adopted son)
  • Hellis the Hedgecat(Adopted daughter)
  • Mwan the Hedgehog(8 years old daughter)
  • Satan(used by Tails)
  • Death him self (used by Skate)
Romantic Interests
  • Alli(His wife)
Physical Description
Species Black arms/Demon
Gender Male
  • Team Death (Leader)
Super Forms
  • Super Darkodos
  • Hyper Darkodos
  • Solar Darkodos
  • Lunner Darkodos
  • Ultimate Moon Darkodos
  • Ultimate Sun Darkodos
Other Forms
  • Darkspine Darkodos
  • Demon Subspace Darkodos
  • Dark Ultimate Darkodos
  • Darkoblis(Fusion of Iblis and Darkodos)
  • DarkoDoom(Fusion of Darkodos and Black Doom)
  • Black Darkablis(three way Fusion of Iblis,Darkodos ,and Black Doom)
  • Death
  • Chaos
  • His pet mutant Black arms Lion(her name is Ja-su :))
  • Black Doom
  • Iblis
  • His Wife
  • Eggman Nega
  • Skate(he said that he knows Skates father)
  • Nazo
  • Darkstorm the Halfbreed
  • Happiness
  • People who stand in his way
  • Sonic and Co.


Coming later....-_-

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