E-123 Omega

File:185px-Sonic Art Assets DVD - Omega.png
Age N/A; Time of Creation Unknown
Gender N/A; reffered to as Male
Species E-series robot
Description Red, black, yellow, green and silver/gray. Red eyes.
Relatives E-102 Gamma and every one of the E-series
Affiliations Team Dark
Romantic Interest Blaze the Cat (Possibly; Archie-exclusive)
Nicknames N/A
Quotes "I am Omega, the ultimate E series robot!"
Weaponry Machine Gun, Bazooka, Launcher, Missles

Omega Machine Gun, Omega Bazooka, Omega Fire, Omega Missile, Omega Launcher, Lock-On Shot, Temporal Field, Beam Cannon, Blazing Tornado, (can only be performed with Rouge), Wrecking Ball (can only be performed with Big),

Super Forms

This page is for E-123 Omega from ANY person's continuity.

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