E.A.L is the initials for Elemental Artificial Lifeforms. These are Lifeforms that were created from Scientists that believed they could control the powers of Nature, only to have their experiments turn against them. These Lifeforms take on the bodies of Animals.


Luminovix is the sweetest of all E.A.L's. She does not believe that Violence should be ever recognized. Being able to control the power of Fire/Pyrokinetics, She can burn things instantly only by placing her mind on where exactly to burn.


Both Froms Are in charge of controlling the fighting and the durability of every living and non-living soul Mobius has created. They believe in violence resolves every problem when It comes to his job. However, Luminovix and Feralithe/Vestuvis both are in a relationship, making it hard to show eachother's opinions with Peace and tranquility. Overall, Both Stages are forbidden to stop controlling the wars and other conflicts upon Mobius, for unknown reasons.

Stallaura and SkyvernEdit





Dandilee and LuceyinEdit

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