TO ANYBODY WHO STILL USES THIS WIKI: Please disregard this page. I am simply creating it here as a means of storing it, until it can be put to use.

Example: Fire


Description of the element goes here.


Weak to:Edit

  • Water
  • Earth

Effective Against:Edit

  • Plant
  • Ice

Resistant to:Edit

  • Fire
  • Plant
  • Ice

Weak Against:Edit

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth

Advanced Forms & VariantsEdit

  • Hellfyre - fire abilities of a demonic or evil origin
  • Goldfire - fire abilities of draconic origin, amplified by a strong spiritual self
  • Inferno - powerful, advanced fire abilities

Elemental CombinationsEdit

  • Steam - Fire/Water
  • Smoke - Fire/Wind
  • Lava - Fire/Earth
  • Ash - Fire/Plant
  • FreezeFlame - Fire/Ice
  • Plasma - Fire/Lightning
  • _____ - Fire/Poison
  • Solar - Fire/Light
  • DarkFlare - Fire/Shadow

Known Attributional CombinationsEdit

Techniques & UsersEdit

Links to the Fire Users and Fire Abilities categories will go here.

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