Engyrane the Rhino is a White Rhinoceros with a calm, loyal attitude. He will stop at nothing to help anyone, and he can get quite annoying if he wants to do something his way.



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Odin the SnailEdit

Seeing Odin alone on the streets being bullied by some older kids, Engyrane did not like the site of it as he immediately sprang into action. As the bullies continued harassing the poor snail, Engyrane bravely stood in front of them, mighty and tall. Bullies did not see him as a threat, until Engyrane gave one of the boys a backfist on the head. As Odin scaredly stayed behind Engyrane (hiding in her shell), Engyrane managed to scare the boys away. As he turned around to face Odin, He was a bit confused once he saw the little shell. Odin, weeping in her shell told him to go away, Engyrane simply did not obey and kneeled to give her (shell) comfort. Odin, popping her head out, saw Engyrane with a blushed up face, as she instantly knew that he was her new, first friend.




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