Hinamo Hine is the wife of Churrure Hine and the Mother of Roimata Hine, Anaru Hine, Tipene Hine, and Tane Hine.

When Hinamo was little (About the age of 12), she was abused alot by her Mother who was a drug addict. Hinamo being poor and defenceless, ran away from home and seemed to never return, leaving her brother Kurkurato Shome behind. 10 years later, she was living alone in a small home, Around a very peaceful neighborhood. There, she met Churrure, when he offered to help her with her groceries, Which was too heavy for Hinamo and fell to the ground. He then picked them up for her, telling her He would drive her home. After 12 minutes in the car, they began to chat. They soon became close friends, and started hanging out regularly.

After 5 years of being best friends, they began to go steady, after both were at a good age, both became married and had children. Who were Roimata, Tipene, Tane, and Anaru. After 7 years of a happy life, Both Churrure and Hinamo died in a car incident involving saving their children. They were brought to the Kurisam Clinic by their only daughter, but in the recovery room they both passed away. That was the last time anyone saw them alive and dead.

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