Jr.Caretaker (AKA Sigmund) is the assistant to Father Time. He is aslo responsible for keeping The Grand Pendelum in tip-top shape. He trains new members of the the Grand Counsel as well. He is quite the energetic character.


Sigmund was created originally as a janitor-bot. He was thrown into space do to a new model beign created. He was discovered floating by The Grand Pendulum. Father Time took him in and using the Time Staff, rewired Sigmund's circuitry. Sigmund was granted a position at the Grand Pendulum where he would help out Father Time.


Sigmund is quite energetic. He can be brave however he will openely admit when he is afraid. He plays "cheerleader" the the hero actually doing the work. Sigmund likes things to be in order, and seem sot have OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). He also tends to argue with the main monotoring system within the Grand Pendelum. He is very kind and enjoys company.


  • He is taken from the Ratchet and Clank Series.

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