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Physical Description
Species Cat, Succubus
Gender Female
  • Fur: Aqua blue fur and purple ears.
  • Eyes: Jewel purple
  • When normal she does not show her wings and tail but when fighting her nails grow longer and her wings and tail come.
  • no gloves
  • school shirt
  • Brown skirt
  • black shoes
  • white socks
Abilities and forms
  • Charm
  • Seductive
  • Lilith's kiss
  • Succubies form
Super Forms
  • Succubie
Theme Songthumb|300px|right|Yep this is who she is based off XD so this is her theme of course.
Created by Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

History and presentEdit

Kuru is a Succucat, a rare breed of seductresses who mature and develop faster than normal beings. They hunt for men trying to find thier chosen one who will stay with them through out their long life span sharing their energy with them so they may live the time with them also. Every other man is just an energy meal to them and they will always try to get their way and they usually get it when the man is weak hearted.


Being a Succucat she is highly flirty and is not shy on using every aspect of her body to get the attention of a man. But after this fact she is kind and gentle and will fight for her friends and even more fight for her chosen one with an intense ferocity.

Relationships Rosario FanficsEdit

Feel free to add a story here about how they meet.

Memphis the Shining Demonhog:Edit

After having an encounter with him she was intrigued by the seemingly weak being. After seeing how he defendened her against men who wanted to take advantage of her. She has declared that he is her chosen one. (Prone to change once Twilight Acadamy Rp begins chosen one status will remain the same)

Renée the Hedgehog:Edit

Kuru see's Renee as a rival and enemy when it comes to the affection of Memphis, she knows Memphis cares deeply for Renee and that just drives her insane. So she will get really clingy with Memphis and use every trick in the book to make Memphis his own and make Renee as jealous as possible. Other than that she will enter friendly conversation with Renee and treat her as a good friend as long as she stays off the topic of Memphis.

Relationships Memphis FanficsEdit

Matthias the Shining Darkness:Edit

Will add info when free


Yah-hoo-ho - Catch phrase when she is happy

Chance - Catch phrase whenever she sees an opening to get what she wants... Beware the kuru chance!

Emphasis - She likes to emphasize what she says sometimes to make the words she is saying sound more seducing. EX: Memphis = regular, Mem-pho-is = Kuru emphasis


I based her off a favorite character of mine from Rosario + Vampire