Lorelei the Wolf








A blue wolf with pake blonde hair and brown eyes.


A pink dress over a loose, black sweater, black shoes, and dark grey stockings.


3 ft., 3 in.


Weightless, being a ghost.


Ookamoni the Wolf (brother)




Summoning, Japanese

Lorelei is Ookamoni's sister. thumb|right|300px|Lorelei's theme. Don't ask me what the lyrics mean, I just thought it sounded pretty.


Lorelei was Ookamoni's twin sister in life. She was kind, sincere, and took great care of her brother. But when a massive conflict broke out they were forced to flee their comfortable lifestyle. Being the pacifist she was, Lorelei created an army of peace. However one day one of the armies opened fire on them, killing Lorelei. As she died in Ookamoni's arms, her last words were:

"People are so scared of what is different. This world is filled with many creatures and so many lives. Don't they all...deserve peace?"

Ater her death, Ookamoni became so infuriated that we wiped out both armies, an act that sent him to the Underworld. He would eventually interperet these words not as a plea for peace, but his excuse for making everyone the same.


thumb|300px|rightWhen Ookamoni did revive Lorelei, she rejected him and told him that everything he did to revive her was wrong. Although she triedto leave, Ookamoni went insane and kept her soul with him. However Anna was able to save her from him. After this, Ookamoni tried to destroy them by combining his powers of darkness and fire to create a bomb. Although everyone created a shield to hold the blast, they weren't strong enough. Lorelei then used her powers to contain the explosion and in a burst of light, had defeated her brother. However he swore to take her back before leaving, worrying her and everyone else. This prompted Lorelei to take in an ammount of Chaos, giving her a semi-physical shape like a ghost so she could protect everyone from Ookamoni.


(Coming Soon!)


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