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Los Pobres Almas Gótico is a group of girls and boys from Mexico that have had horrible past. These teenagers are hated upon the earth and will hurt anyone who crosses their path.


These are members that have been hated upon the world, as they hate the world in return.

Lilitheranito GoticoEdit

Born from a abusive mother and Achoholic father, Lilitheranito has been scarred all her life, As she lived on the poor, dusty streets of Mexico. Lilither has never truely been loved, as she actually is a beautiful girl. As she met her friend Bartolomé, which truely thought of her as a wonderful girl, and quickly became her boyfriend. All he ever did was make her feel better (that any guy could give her) and was under his control. She stays loyal, and was the creator of this group, thanks to her Boyfriend.

Ranking: Leader

Belladonna GoticoEdit

From a rich, snot-nosed family, Belladonna is quite the nonsense. Being the loud and noisy of the group, She tends to be a bit bratty. Despite her Horrific nature, she actually is alone. Having not many friends(actually, having non at all), she doesn't know how to have a regular relationship. Now being under Liltheranito's leadership, she now is a bit more calm.

Ranking: 5th

Ulalume GoticoEdit

Not having to show any emotion to anything what-so-ever, Ulalume is probably a normal child from his family. Living peacefully, he's changed drastically when he tranfered schools in the town of Mexico. Seeing how the children treat each other poorly and all the dirtyness around the country, he decided to change his attitude, from being a normal child into a child with no emotion at all. Since his tranfer, He met up with Ragnar and decided to join this group, making it bigger day by day. Now, Ulalume serves Lilitheranito, With loyalty and obedience. And, Being one of the most powerful of the group.

Ranking: 3rd

Ishtar GoticoEdit

Unknown from where he came, His past is unknown. All is known is that he can be extremely violent and agressive at times. Without control, he voluntarily joined LRAG. Not getting along with anyone in the group, he acts as if he is superior from his own leader, which isn't possible. Now, He has a strong rivalship with on of the members, always trying to steal his bait and fight it.

Ranking: 8th

Ragnar GoticoEdit

Being compatible to Ulalume, She

Draconelico GoticoEdit

Mordredolaethos GoticoEdit

Loki GoticoEdit





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  • The Name in spanish mean The Poor Gothic Souls
  • Strangly, Loki is the only one who doesn't speak spanish.




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