File:Medusa the Witchcat.png
Biographical Information
  • unknown
  • Crono the Cat (son)
Romantic Interests
  • none
  • none
Team affliction
  • None
Physical Description





-Fur: White with snake tattoos on her arms



-Black robe with yellow arrow markings

Abilities and forms
  • Snake snake cobra cobra
  • Soul release
  • Vector plates
  • snakes regeneration
  • Vector arrows
  • Snakes guard
  • Snakes burrowing
  • millions of soul snakes
Super Forms
  • none
Theme Songthumb|300px|right|Her theme song and you can see who I based her off. Not made by me.
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Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

History and presentEdit

Medusa has always been a creature of the darkness, feeding on the dispair and fear that she implements in her victims through her deranged experiments. It is unknown how but she bore a son named Crono's. It is unknown if it was through natural causes or if he was just another one of her cruel experiments. As of now she is hidden somewhere conducting more experiments on innocent victims or guilty villians.


Medusa may be a witch but she views herself as a scientist first and a mad scientist at that. She is cruel and calculative, always planning her next move well in advance as if it was another experiment for her. She takes sadistic pleasure from seeing her experiments and opponents in pain. Even though she has a son this did nothing to soften up her cruel dimeanor, in fact all she did was treat her son as another experiment and broke his mind at a young age. Further showing how she sees the world as just something to be studied and changed to her wim. It doesn't matter who the experiment is preformed on as long as she gains results.


Crono the cat:Edit

Her child. She has abused the poor child at a young age and kept him locked up in the dark all his life. This was due to the fact that he was to kind to the world and did not perform killings when he was instructed to. She really doesn't care if he dies as long as he wields data on the experiment she placed in him which is the black blood. As of now she takes pleasure in tormenting his mind via mental appearences in his frail mind.

Seven fan girls from hell:Edit

She hates them for ruining her greatest experiment that was her son, but at the same time finds them interesting to do some experimenting on. Since Crono has been tainted by them, Medusa is out to either make a meal of them... or worse yet torture Crono in front of them, Whatever she finds more pleasing to her sadistic nature.


The world is just something that deserves to be in constant observation... thier is no survival of the fittest! -her view on the world

Crono... You are a failure as a son and as an experiment, no food for you for the year. - One of her basic remarks on Crono's failures

My snakes will make quick dinner out of you weak soul! -remark before a fight.


Based on a character from soul eater.

Even though she is one of my fave characters... I hate her guts for the way she treats Crono.