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Noble Clans is the Ancient Clans of the Ancient Civilization. These clans were made to protect The Sages, Peace and Prosperity. The Clans began to cease as the war with the Shahongai began.



Circle of Buccaneer FateEdit

Blades of Saorsa Gu BrigadeEdit

Conclave of Shadow Lily NationEdit

House of Dragon Game OblivionEdit

Fighters of the Dark SentryEdit

The Gnome AnimosityEdit

Emissaries of De Profundis ChaøsEdit

Brotherhood of Silver Fang CatsEdit

Legion of Tirn En NethergardeEdit

Illidans LegionEdit

Order of Warrior ShiEdit

Warriors of the Reigning LightEdit

Lords of Vogon Poets AllianceEdit

The Hymn of Eastern GloryEdit

Conclave of Shadow Lily NationEdit

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