File:Omaga the Wolf.png

Biographical Information
Age 12
  • Jort the Hedgehog (Older Cousin)
  • Alek the Mechhog (Cousin)
  • Hextok the Hedgehog (Older Cousin)
Romantic Interests -None as of now.
  • Extremo
Team affliction
  • none
Physical Description
Species -Wolf
Gender -Male
  • Fur: Grey blue, with white arm stripes.
  • Eye: Purple
  • Blue Jeans
  • White and blue t-shirt
  • Blue goggles
  • Blue shoes
  • Blue and white gloves
  • Grey belt
Abilities and forms
  • Cryogenics
  • Pyrotechnics
Weapons - BroadSword
Super Forms
  • Nitroglicerin Fury form
Theme SongSong:Not Afraid, Artist: Emminem, Album: Recovery
Instrument Profession
  • Guitar (Hobby)
Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)*

  • made for bluebelt XD my cousin*

History and presentEdit

Omaga was created by a nuclear explosion on his home planet. He was transported to Earth to try to save and preserve his species. Sadly, his home planet and Earth were pretty much opposites, which got him in big trouble. Omaga earned himself a long history with himself and the Earth's police. The charges were small but effective on his college account-he did this to make himself seem human to avoid any possible suspicion- which almost blue his cover as Omarion G(his alias). He lived in hiding for 3 years until he finally faced his consequences. He went to jail for 4 years until he was released. Ever since, he was a changed man. To prove himself worthy, he has been working as a teenage heroe. Omaga is not really good at making friends, "Hate me or love me,I'll still live live" is his favorite saying , can you tell?


Before his transformation into a good person, Omaga was reckless and careless. He did not care about anyone else but himself. But one day, after being in jail for a few days, he had a vision. The vision consisted of images of himself and his family being arrested and killed in public. Blood, tears,and death. That was to be his future if he didn't change. So because he saw that gruosome vision, he did, Now a days, Omaga would put his life on the line to save someone elses. He would battle his opponents efficiently, caring for his surroundings so people would not get hurt, Little kids are beginning to want to emulate him, looking up to him, thinking of him as a hero. Before his change, his friends were his friends because they feared him. now, people are his friends because they admire his transformation. Omaga is smart yet stupid and naive somehow at the same time. He's cool but dont get on his bad side, he will probably freak on you!!


Omaga:"Love me or hate me, I'll still live."

Omaga:"You call that violence, well I call it play fighting."

Omaga"What! Your bailing all ready? What scared ya, my hot looks, or my buff abbs? Or was it both?"

Omaga:"Im so cold, that I'm hot".

Omaga:"If your trying to scare me, might as well try to fly to the moon."

Omaga:"Boom,Boom, Omaga power!


This was made by Memphis' younger cousin ^_^