File:Onorc forms.png
Biographical Information
  • Unknown
  • Medusa (mother)
  • Crono (Brother)
Romantic Interests
  • none
Team affliction
  • None
Physical Description





-Fur: Black blood


  • none

Blood: Black

  • none
Abilities and forms

-Soul Eater

-Black blood

-Black blood needle

-Black blood spikes

-Black blood cutter

-Black blood armor

-Black blood needle shower

  • Himself
Super Forms
  • none
Theme Songthumb|300px|right|Onorcs theme. Not made by me.
Instrument Profession

- none

Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)


Through all of the testing and experimenting that Medusa has done to Crono and every one else she got her hand on. She has finally created the perfect child who will follow her sadistic instructions to the end. As of now he is stalking victims and killing them to train and increase his power.


He is pure evil and can not be reasoned with if he sets his eyes to make a meal out of you. He is cruel, sadistic, malicious and takes pleasure in inflicting harm to his opponents. He even goes as far as making it a hobby to impale passerbyers just so that he may hear their death gurdle. He loves to make full use of his black body and blood and will enjoy seeing his opponents freak at the site of him using and spewing out blood to make weapons and sheilds.


Medusa the Witchcat:Edit

The only person he loves and will allows to order him around. He sees her as a great source of entertainment when watching her conduct cruel experiments on people. He will protect her with all his powers.

Crono the cat:Edit

Hates him for being so weak and leaving Medusa by herself. He wants to literally strangle him to death and all others who side themselves with him. He takes extreme pleasure in making Crono cry.


The sound and smell of death I love it!!! -smelling blood and hearing people dieing.

Why can't more mothers be like you? -watching Medusa conduct another experiment.


  • Black blood and body: His body and blood is made up of pure black blood giving him extreme powers
  • Black blood needles: Uses his blood and body and transforms it into deadly needles to strike.
  • Black blood spikes: Uses his blood and body and tranforms it into spikes on the floor to strike his opponents in surprise.
  • Black blood cutter: Swings his arms to create a quick striking blood blade projectile.
  • Black blood armor: The black blood hardens in his body to provide a sheild from cuts and blows, it makes his body feel like you are hitting lead.
  • Black blood needle shower: Uses the mass amount of blood to strike the area with sharp blood needles and impale the opponents.


  • His name is the opposite of Crono... Ex: Crono = Onorc
  • He is the most evil fan character I have ever made.
  • His civilian form looks like an older more mature Crono.