Ookamoni the Wolf and Mazda the Hedgehog have been fighting for 2000 years. Mazda, a being of light, and Ookamoni, a being of darkness, have both personal and instinctive hatred for each other.


When Ookamoni started experimenting on souls, Mazda was sent to banish Ookamoni for his sins. Mazda being an angel and Ookamoni being a deon, they naturally hated eachother. Their first fight was a dead tie and lasted for several days. Neither won, however Mazda was able to take Ookamoni's ability to steal souls. They both began to despise the other: Ookamoni hated Mazda for getting in the way of reviving his sister, and Mazda hated Ookamoni for murdering innocent people.


The two met in hundereds of conflicts for the next two thousand years, neither winning or loosing. But evewntually Ookamoni completed his goal and revived his sister, Lorelei. But this ended in disaster and Lorelei rejected Ookamoni for the reasons Mazda hated him. Ookamoni then went insane, trying to destroy everyone until they finally defeated him. But by defeating Ookamoni, Mazda fulfilled his purpose: To protect this lifetime from one of it's great threats. Mazda then realized he was just a fragment of Luke, a diety meant to protect the planet. Long ago, Luke split himself into "pieces", fragments of his soul that would protect the world until he could regain his power. Once Mazda joined with Luke, a whole new rivalry began.

The Struggle for LoreleiEdit

After Mazda was destroyed, Ookamoni was barely phazed. He now hated Luke for taking his sister from him. Although Mazda tecnically was the one to save Lorelei, he was a piece of Luke, and as such Ookamoni began thinking of them as one in the same. Today Luke and Ookamoni fight over Lorelei, both for different reasons: Luke to protect her from Ookamoni, and Ookamoni to take back his sister.

For Mazda/LukeEdit

For OokamoniEdit

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