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"All systems go, full speed ahead!."
—Miles Prower

ReQuest "Biggie-B" Norma, by Lightning2315/Sonicsocute111, is currently under construction. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

ReQuest "Biggie-B" Norma is the fursona of Lightning2315 AND Sonibsocute111

File:Cquote1.pngI will stand my position in battle, I will fight and kill those who will mess with either me or my friends. I can Outake an enemy easily during battle....But my friends, My goddammed friends...Their the ones who make me live and walk on the night floors! I am, Norma the Cat!File:Cquote2.png --Norma the Cat in her most used Quote.

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ReQuest "Biggie-B" Norma
Age 12 (though looks and acts 14 and/or 16)
Gender Female
Species Cat, Cheetah (10 %), Hedgehog
  • Light Brown with blue hair
  • Long Bang over Right eye
  • Blue fur
  • Whit hair strip
  • Tan skin
  • Brown eyes
Attire Multiple Clothes
Relatives Never says
Nicknames Kitty Cat, Selenia (official other name), Janet (for no reason), Flirty Girl
Quotes "We all have our differences, but if we work as one, we all are the same person"
  • Sonic Artist Society
  • School
Romantic Interests None so far
Weaponry swords, fists, claws
Ability Type Speed, Power
Alter Egos Amorn the Cat


Norma the Cat is a strange Emo-like cat that mostly doesn't like strange company. She sometimes likes to hang out with her closest friends and sometimes show her happiness, and sometimes can actually act like a normal teen.


  • Skateboarding
  • Playing her Baritone Saxiphone
  • Bending the Rules a bit
  • Playing Around with people
  • Making Friends
  • Running as fast as she can
  • Texting
  • Chatting
  • Computers
  • Sonic Fanon Wiki
  • Hugging random people
  • Kissing her Guy-friends cheeks


  • People messing with her
  • People slapping her butt (It happens to me at school, it's a game called "Slap your ass")
  • People Jugding her ond/or her friends
  • People taking her cookies!
  • People fighting with her friends
  • Being in the hospital
  • Trolls who are flirty


Type your Character(s)/Fersonas if you think of me as your friend! :D


People she considers as her own family

BFFFF (Best French Frie Friends Forever)Edit

People who are her friends


People who are her rivals

BEFL (Best Enemies for life)Edit

People who are her enemies

Lover BoysEdit

People who have/wanted/ to love Norma (blush)


Norma has the ability to shape shift into a Siberian Cat, but with a male voice. People wonder why she has a male voice instead of a Female one. Without the answer, Norma is capable of doing tremendous things while in cat form.

Sonic Artist SocietyEdit

Kodai Tsuki To Taiyo ClanEdit

Kodai Tsuki to Taiyo means "Ancient Moon and Sun".

Music lover and PlayerEdit

Daughter of the Lost LoveEdit

Change in HeartEdit

Lost Friends...Edit


History in Roleplay'sEdit





Please See AlsoEdit

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