This a roleplay follows the tale of the new character Nencroz the E.O.N. and his road to discovering himself.

The Roleplay is: Pause!


  • Any one is free to join
  • Don't God-mod
  • Don't harass anyone!
  • Keep swearing to a minimum if not censor it at least
  • In terms of romance, flirting, kissing and hugging is fine but nothing obscene
  • No trolls! that's a biggie!!
  • If you have any questions, ask them on the talk page.
  • Dramatically change the plot and you will be shot by Mephiles no if's ands or buts



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  • Nencroz the E.O.N. (Memphis the light)
  • Devin the Fox (DDevore2)

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Chapter 1Edit

(Green hill zone at nigh time a moon can be seen shining in the sky.)

Angeloz:..... *looking up at the sky* This reminds me when I first came here..... the blue moon in the sky.


Wraith: This reminds me of that time I jumped to the moon.

Anya:Now when did you do that?

Wraith: A couple months ago. Had to jump 78 super jumps on a trampoline.

Angeloz: *looks back at them in surprise* Oh what are you guys doing here? *smiles* Small world eh?

Anna:Well my angel.(Smiles)You and me had a date tonight and these two are dating as well.

Anya:so we came with the princess.

Wraith: ... Yup.

Angeloz: I see. *laughs* well the more the merrier!

Anna:And someone you know might join us later.

Wraith: Please don't let it be one of the guards...

Anna:Nope,but its someone you know and she's bringing friends.(Smiles)

Wraith: .................. Selenia?

(The four come back)

Selenia, J. S., And Ryoichi: *comes along with Anya*


Anya:Welcome your Highness,J.S and Sir Ryoichi.

Angeloz:Hey.(Pushes glasses)

Wraith: *sweatdrops*

Selenia: *crosses arms, smiling* Hello there.

J. S.: I'm always forgotten...TT^^TT

Ryoichi: Hello there young ones.

Wraith: Uh...

Anya:Good eveing your Highness,J.S and Sir Ryoichi,

Anna:Bingo!They're friends Wraith.

Angeloz:Hey.(Pushes glasses)

Kalis:Don't forget about me!

Angeloz: I am so happy to see all of these people. *smiles*

Wraith: I'm not really used to being around by too much people.

Anya:Its okay Wraith.


Angeloz: *laughs* I used to be the same before I met Anna!

Wraith: *charges a flame shot* Don't remind me.

Anya:Calm down dear.

Selenia;Take it easy.

Angeloz: *confused* Did I say something wrong???

Wraith: *stops*

Kalis:Anna told me Anya and her were save by Wraith.

Ryoichi:That was big news in the kingdom.

Wraith: *shrugs* I'm awesome.

Anya:Yes you are.

J.S:(Behind Selenia)That was scary.