Basic Information

Name: Rudo Rocky Delle

Species: Scorpion

Age: 15

Gender: Female


A scorpion with brown skin, brown eyes, and a tail that gives out a type of poison. Her noes is round. Her hair is in two big buns. With her hair out her hair goes to her back. She wears a black jacket that usually has stains of mud and dirt on it. She wears sandals for the most part unless she is on her skateboard. Then she would put on her red tennis shoes.



"Sweetie,no boy can stand my poison."~ Rudo to friend CJ (Cassie Jones).

Rudo is a girl who loves flirting with boys. It is said that her sting poisnous sting is not actually poison, but love potion. It might be true, she has never told anybody. Besides being a flirt she is also a tomboy. She loves skateboarding with her pals and arm wrestling. She is a pretty kind girl if you know her. She is also addicted to chicken tenders.


Cassie "CJ" JonesEdit

Another tomboy, her best friends.

Dmitry BogmolovEdit

A kind boy who she loves flirting with. She just loves making him blush.

Idey YotodoneiEdit

She doesn't actually like flirting with him. He is just to serious.

Gratien RobertEdit

She secretly likes him and flirts with him a lot.

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