Is the romanitc pairing of Samual and Mimi.


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  • Mimi: What the f*** is this.... stupid man. *hiding her face and blush*
  • Samuel: Who the hell told you to make a page like this?! I don't want anythin' bein shown in pupblic about my love life! *angered tone, blushes a tiny bit*


Mimi: I think I am going to kill that F***ing man.... *sighs* what made him think that I want to be with him in the first place.

Andro:(Smirks)The way you blush around him.That's what.

Mimi: *scoffs* I don't blush I am above such a weak trait like that. Besides he is not that good looking anyways! *blushing can be seen*

Andro:Ha.You are sure as hell blushing.

Mimi: *turns her back on Andro* N-No I am not blushing.... I just get very sick whenever I think of that vile man!

Andro:You so are.It's a plan as the nose on your face.

Mimi: Yeah well I think he is still a waste of life.... *says it with a different tone, she can't bring herself to truly mean that*

Andro:Yeah,yeah.Whateve miss cold shoulder.You so like him.

Mimi: *quickly turns to face Andro* Look here! Just because I "may" like the guy doesn't mean I want to be with him! All creatures are worthless things that need to be put in there place!!! *crosses her arms and says softly*.... some creatures are exceptions.

Andro:Even tough fols like you have something to like.He's growing on you like a fugus.

Mimi: *looks a tad aggitated* Yeah sure whatever.... Love only holds one back.

Andro:Not from what I seen my prime self act.As for Anya as well.They got stronger when they found their guys.

Mimi: *scoffs* Maybe they were weak to begin with and grew stronger out of coencidance!?

Andro:Ha.I was like you before I meet my man.That was a big change and I enjoyed it.

Mimi: *about to say something rude but thinks about it for a second* So.... you say that with this a change will occur?

Andro:Darn right.(Smiles)

Mimi: Hmmm I guess I can give this a chance.... but if I don't like where it is going I am burning his @$$.

Andro:(Chuckles)Best to ya then.

Mimi: Yeah whatever... I don't need your pep talk!

Andro:I know.(Smirks and place hands behind head)

Samuel: *appears in front of Mimi, Smirking* Did I hear a lil old birdie say my name?

Mimi:...... *glares at Sam and turns her back on him* Hmmph

Samuel: Oh, What the hell happened now? *bothered tone*

Mimi: *not looking at him* You happened that is what....

Samuel: *raises an eyebrow* Oh? And Why is it that you hate me? *tries to keep his voice as sweet and smooth*

Mimi: *shrugs* Cause I can..... why does it bother you playboy? *forcing herself not to blush*

Samuel: Cuz you always seemed to be stressed, Super chick. *crosses his arms*

Mimi: *quickly turns to face him* What did you just say! *face is red from blushing since she can't scream and hold the blush back at the same time*

Samuel: You heard me, Super Chick. *shows no sign of emotion on his face*

Mimi: Well well...... *tears up* You are a jerk and I hate you!

Samuel: *Sees her eyes tear up* Hey, it's what I do best. *smirks* Don't tell me my Super chick is gonna burst.

Mimi: Believe me the only thing that is going to burst is your ego after I put you in your place! *glaring through the tears*

Samuel: Calm it, Chica. I didn't come for you to be glaring and sobbing in front of me, If I'm not wanted I'll go. If that's what you want, so be it. So-*waves his hand in a bye gesture* Bye-Bye.

Mimi:!!! *wipes her tears* Who said you could go you stupid playboy! *fazes out and fazes in behind Sam and hugs him* I am not letting you go! *rests her face on Sam's back*

Samuel: !!!!!! *turns his face to where he can see Mimi in an angle, then smiles* Well, I'll stay as long as you want me here. *turns around to return the hug*

Mimi: I.....I...I.. *hides her face from him and mumbles* I want you here with me......

Samuel: *gently pulls her face to see him, gazing into her eyes* I love you...

Mimi: *looks away from him, she can't deal with the new emotions* I..... I *quietly* I love you too.....

Samuel: Remember that...*kisses her on the forehead*

Mimi: *shivers a bit but then looks sternly at Sam* Hey!!!.... not there!!! *looking seriously at Sam but it was a different look then before. It appears softer and more loving.*

Samuel: Oh? And where would you like it? *strokes her cheek* Here?...*softly touches her lips*..or there..? *smiles*

Mimi: *smiles* Surprise me playboy.

Samuel: *chuckles, then kisses her lips, passionately*

Mimi: *returns the gesture but is very uncomfortable in the new terrain*

Samuel: *feels a weird feeling in his chest for some reason, then suddenly breaks it off*

Mimi: Um are you ok?..... I'm sorry if I am doing it wrong... *fidgets shyly a bit* This is all new to me.

Samuel: Nah, I felt a weird thing in my chest...But luckily it'll go away...*looks at Mimi, then turns away* You'd get used to it. Sel already told me about you. I'd say your an interesting gal.

Mimi: Oh I see.... so I am just interesting to you huh? *looks down* What? You say you love a person and then just call them interesting?....

Samuel: *lets out a soft chuckle* I didn't finish, Super Chica. *Looks at the sky* Your not only interesting...Your strong and sweet in a harsh manner, The way you always yell at me, it's what makes me feel...I dunno...It's a long time a felt happiness in me...

Mimi: *looks up angrily as if hurt* WELL YOU KNOW WHAT!! *cuts herself off after what Sam saids registers in her head*.... I actually make you feel happy?.. *looks away and hugs herself* All this time I never thought I could do that except for my family.....

Samuel: *Looks at her way and smiles* I love it when they play hard to get...

Mimi: *scoffs* Well..... if you want to be with me. You are going to be mines and only mines got it bad boy! *puts a finger and rubs it up his chest* I can't say I will treat you nice but I will respect and be loyal to you. *grins*

Samuel: *grins, then holds the hand that was touching his chest* Well then, I'll stay yours for as long as you want! That's all I need as well! *chuckles*

Mimi: Good.... *kisses his cheek* because I don't think I want to ever let you go. You think you can be a one woman man my bad boy?

Samuel: *grins* I'd be anything for you, Super Chick.

Mimi: Well then I guess we can make this work.... and if anyone get's in our way we will burn thier @$$!

Samuel: Heheh, Hell yeah!

Random argument!Edit

Mimi: What the f*** is this.... stupid man. *hiding her face and blush*

Samuel: Who the hell told you to make a page like this?! I don't want anythin' bein shown in pupblic about my love life! *angered tone, blushes a tiny bit*

Mimi: Just shut the f*** up you stupid man! I know you were the one who made this page!

Samuel: Hey hey hey! I didn't even say a word about it! Why don't you blame the person Who created it?!

Mimi: Well.... well!.... I guess we should make the best of it I guess.... *does a soft to Sam for a moment and then glares at him* Hell no I just can't be nice!

Samuel: *calms down a tiny bit, then grabs Mimi by the arm and brings her very close to him*

Mimi: *surprised* What are you doing! I can kick your @$$ if you dare hit me!

Samuel: Just shut the hell up for a few!! *holds the back of her neck gently, slowly kissing her with passion*

Mimi: O_O ...... *closes her eyes and kisses back passionately* (I will let this slide..... for now.)