Shahongai are a special ninja group called after their First Leader. The Shahongai have been around for thousands of years, destroying the Noble Clans of the Ancient Civilization. With A few of Failures and Successes, This angered the Remaining Noble Clans, Sending Both the Shahongai and the Ancient Civilization at War. During this war, Many Mobians lost their lives from boths sides. Sadly, The war ended as the Ancient Civilization had been completely Extinct, Making the Shahongai the Victor. Unfortanetely, The Shahongai had to suffer through a rough time, Making this Clan very poor on Shelter, Food, and Clothing. After a few thousand of years, the Shahongai have become endangered. They might as well be extinct right now, But there has been some technology proof that they are still around.

Known MembersEdit

Technology UsageEdit

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