[nervously] Are we live??? Are you sure?? Oh hey there!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you SonicFanonCentral Wiki! A wiki where you can form and create your own original Sonic Fan Character! Big, small, skinny, fat, you name 'em! Everyone is welcome here, so don't be afraid to express your ideas!

At this exact moment, there are 305 articles on this wiki!! And it's growing to an even bigger number! How impressive is that?! Well, I we can do that, Let's make a goal and try to bring it up to the 10,000's! ^_^

Also, if you need to communicate with some of the admins quickly, or wanna come and have fun with some of the regulars, feel free to message us

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As of June 15-11, For rules and regulations have been made. Please read here

As of June, Tuesday 15th, Sonic Fanon Central Wiki has been created! be nice to the new site! ^_^

Most pages at SFCW will be protected, whether semi-protected or fully protected. If you want to vandalize, DON'T. The page(s) will be protected and the user will be banned for being in violation of our Main Policy. Just a head's up!

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Current Expose

In the following article, I'll discuss a little known subject: Dark Gaia's Further Effects on Earth. The Sonic franchise is hardly known for following the Laws of Physics, but some things you can't just turn a blind eye to.

Dark Gaia was a massive creature, bursting forth from the Core of Earth in a fury of rock and fire. So how is it the towns in Sonic Unleash seem so unaffected? If Sonic did follow our world's laws of Nature, we can see just how different a game Sonic Unleashed would be.

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Event Blog

Sonic 20th anniversary logo alternate-11109

I'm sure everyone's excited for the 20th Anniversary of the (epic) Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, so to celebrate we've set up a blog to sound off. Tell us what you think!

Featured User

Memphis the light

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- *inhales deeply*- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we goo!! We are now onto our next featured User, Memphis the light!! Here's what he had to say about his win: "Well honestly I was surprised just seeing my name up in the poll. Overall though it is a deep honor that people voted for me." So letsa geta move-on!!

#1 Q) What do you think of SFW?
A: I think that SFW is a great site. I think that in terms of troll defense and vandal eradication, there has been a major boost foreward on this matter. So I believe that the site has only positive things to look forward to.
#2 Q) When did you join SFW and why?
A: Well I joined August 17 and I joined for the sole purpose of creating and expanding my stories. Some where already made and some where in the works.
#3 Q) Who is your main FC?
A: Solarestro the Cosmic aka Memphis the Shining Demonhog.
#4 Q) Who is your favorite canon character?
A: Shadow the Hedgehog all day everyday. I enjoy his attitude and his brave demeanor.
#5 Q) Who is your favorite fanon character not belonging to you?
A: That would be a tie between Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight and Annamaria the Wolf.
#6 Q) What was your most unpleasant experience on the wiki?
A: I do not recall exactly but I do remember a troll incident that threw me off as a new user. That day made me vow to protect the site and all the users to the best of my abilities.
#7 Q) Who are your best friends on the wiki?
A: I try to give everyone the same treatment but there are certain exceptions, such as my online family. Other than That it is a very long list.
#8 Q) What fanon character do you most love to hate?
A: Hands down my creation Deadspawn the Hedgehog. He keeps taking me hostage.
#9 Q) What would you change about the wiki?
A: If there was one thing I could change it would be this. I would love to see art for every single character and if I could have a team to draw a random character each day for a random user then that would just be swell.
#10 Q) Plans for the future on the wiki?
A: As an admin I intend to watchdog the site with keen eyes. But I will still take the time to introduce new characters and hang out with my friends.

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Congratulations to our new Featured User! Now, who will be next month's featured user? Let's see!

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Featured Character

Featured Article

Featured articles exemplify the very best work of the SonicFanonCentral Wiki. They are this wiki's best articles.

A small picture of The "Star Award" (25px) in the top right corner of a page indicates that the content is featured. In addition, the article's name will be added to the main page list, and a section of each featured article will be shown on the main page for a time period. The text content of the Featured Article template should be first paragraph of the article.

The rest of this document covers what type of articles should be considered, the criteria they should be judged by, the nomination/promotion/rejection procedure, and updating of the main page in detail, as well as lists of current feature articles.


Articles nominated for Featured Article status should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Articles should be of a reasonable length and detail.
  • Be comprehensive and in-depth.
  • Sometimes better to be written as an in-universe article, omitting references to game titles in the main text.
  • Have quotes and images where available and appropriate.
  • Be fan-created, characters already existing in the franchise may not be nominated.


Articles should be nominated on Forum:Featured Article Nominations. Each nomination will have a six day period from the date of nomination to be either promoted or rejected.

All articles nominated should be tagged with the Featured Article Nomination template at the top of the page to produce this:

100pxSonicFanonCentral Wiki is nominated for Featured Article! Feel free to review this article's entry.


Voting should be limited to registered users only. It should be noted that Users who persistently nominate their own articles may have their nominations withdrawn, and a User may only nominate ONE of their articles every fourteen days.

After thirteen days, articles must be promoted or rejected depending on their vote total. Currently a clear 3 votes in favour/against will be sufficient, although this is subject to review if and when the community expands.

After the waiting period is over each article will be promoted or rejected. For a few days an archive of the voting shall remain on the nominations page. Afterwards a record of the nomination must be entered on the former nominations page, regardless of success or failure.

Promoted articles will then be listed on the this page and should be tagged with FA at the top of the page. This enters them in the Featured Article category, and puts a small picture of the "Star Award" in the upper right hand corner to indicate its status.

Rejected nominations/Improvement drive

Rejected nominations can become the subject of a community improvement drive/collaboration project in an effort to get them up to standard, should the page's writer allow it.


Articles cannot be re-nominated unless significant improvement has been made to them.

Duplicate nominations

Any nominations that are already Featured Articles should be removed from the list immediately.

List of Featured Articles

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Helpful Wiki Tips

  • When you're editing, always organize your articles into headers and sub-headers. It will look much nicer than keeping it together in one big page, and it will help other users find the section that they are looking for in your article.
  • When you create an article, be sure to categorize them appropriately into one of the main categories; Heroes, Anti Heroes, Villains, Objects and others, Locations, Super Forms, Roleplay Pages or Fan Fiction; it'll make finding your articles a lot easier.
  • Use the community as your helpdesk! If you can't do something or something's going on which is not right, then ask fellow users and admins for help. If we can't help, then you could ask on the Help Wiki!

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