Credit To Knight of the Void @ Deviantart for box art

box art

Sonic Adventure 3


PS3, Xbox, 3DS


ESRB E Pegi 5


Hedgehog engine


2D/3D platforming


Dr. Eggman rox 2


"3 heroes 3 villans 1 big mystary" Some thing wierd is going on in this world the old amusment park is now Eggman's base and spirits are taking people back in time to the ark not to mention the Egg Carriar 3 and whos responsable for this.


In Sonic Adventure 3 there are 6 character Story modes (7 including Super Sonic) lets take a look at there Story modes.

SA3 Art work

Name:Sonic the Hedgehog

Ailgnment: Good

Type: Speed

SA3 knuckles

Name:Knuckles the echidna

Ailgnment: Good

Type: Tresure hunter

Amy SA3

Name:Amy Rose

Alignment: Good

Type: Lazer

-Shadow 4

Name:Shadow the Hedgehog

Alignment: Neutral

Type: Speed


Name: E-102 Gamma

Alignment: Neutral

Type: Lazer

Rouge 15

Name: Rouge the bat

Alignment: Neutral

Type: Treasure hunter


Comming soon


Speed Type: much like Sonic unleashed Day time stages exept with more then one section some times these have different songs. Also when battling bosses they can use Chaos control.

Lazer Type: much like robot types in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 however due to the fact that Amy is not a robot and Tails is not a playable character they call then Lazer types.

Tresure hunting Type: the goal of the levl is much like in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 however its a full out reguler speed level with 3 different paths each one contaning a pease of the Master Emerald and a goal ring at the end of the level that takes you back to the begining.


Comming soon

More Information cooming soonEdit


  • This is the only game where Amy works for G.U.N. this is also said at one point by the comander.
  • Amy has a laazer much like Gamma's in her hairband
  • This is the only Sonic adventure game where tails isn't playable but a importent character
  • Eggman's new robot Ovbot looks simaler to E-1006 Egg Hammer and Orbot
  • This game is SUPER GAY
  • The hub worlds are replased by the hubs from Sonic colorsexept with missons and hidden power ups
  • The hub words are much much larger then they are normaly
  • the 3 hubs are both from the 1st and 2nd Sonic Adventures

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