The City Of Sparkle Edit

A wonderful place where their motto is "Live Life the way you want". It is deffinately a place for people to escape to or to express themselves. Here life is good fun and colorful.

Areas Edit

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Public Pool

Spazz's House

Radio Station

Razzle Dazzle Night Club and Bar

De Block(Housing)

City Hall

Radiant Grocery Store

Party Plaza(Where concerst and events are held)

Sparkle Park

Sunshine Seaworld(Sea Themed Amusment Park)\

Radiant Rollers(Rollerblade Rink)

Partopia(A Fun Amusment Park)

Funtastic Land(Mini-Kart Race Course)

Theater Hall(Orchestra's and Plays)

Art Museum

History Museum


Donut Shop

Dale's Diner


Sunshine Housing Complexes

Laptop Library

Color Factory


The Statue of Expressionism

Flash & Briannas House

Sundrop Hospital

Citizens Edit

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Anthros Edit

Sparkletons Edit

  • Mayor Sparky
  • De Blob
  • Toejam
  • Earl

Humans Edit

  • Mayor Assitant Lou Ventino

Sparkletons Edit

An alien group that live only in Sparkle City.They came here because of all of the fun and colorfulness of the city. THey helped shape it.

Themes Edit

thumb|200px|right|Sparkle Park Night Theme thumb|156px|left|Day Theme


Pictures of Sparkle Town Edit

File:Sparkle Town.jpg
File:Sparkle City Amusment Park.jpg


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