These sages are known to be the most powerful warriors in the world at their special power. They all have unique abilities.

History Edit

The sages were created by ancient peoples long ago. They held special tournaments(Which are mistaken for the first ever greek Olympics. Here people tested there abilties within their own class of power(Fire vs Fire, Water vs Water, etc.). These Sages were then given a special power that allowed them the energy to tavel through worlds with out trouble. The Sages are very powerful and are elite. To this day there power is past down through generations.

It has been revealed that, Noble Clans have been protecting it through all the Wars. As that continues, It was the reason why the Shahongai has always been enemies with the Ancient Civilization. As they continue to try and steal The Sages in order to turn Mobius as their empire.

Hiearchy Edit

Here is the Hiearchy of power within The Sages.As well as which sage on treprsents each icon in the picture(I know Triforce).
File:Triforce the Wallpaper by AceRacer.jpg

  • Ara, Minda, and Vassool(The Sages of Life and Death)-Eagle in the middle
  • Ravi(The Sage of Fire/Magma)-Red Spirals
  • Jiri(The Sage of Sand)-Green Cresent
  • Aqua(The Sage of Liquid)-The Blue Spheres
  • Rashad(The Sage of Miracles and Disaster)-The Golden Orb Circle
  • Cupid(The Sage of Love)~Red Mask
  • Salim(The Sage of Balance)~The Green Windmill
  • Reign(The Sage of Dominance and Royalty)~Purple Icon
  • Storm(The Sage of Weather)~The blue icon resembling rain
  • Tairq(The Sage Of Knowledge)~The Brownish Tan Quotations

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