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aka Memph

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  • I live in Somewhere
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is I.T.
  • I am Male
  • Memphis the light

    Well the Wikia is taking up shape so now I need to discuss these topics with you.

    1. We need to finish making our front page and make it look as exact as the other wikia. Of course with opposite colors.
    2. Discussing which pictures we should use for the front page categories. I.E.: Hero, Anti-heros and etc.
    3. Setting admins and who we believe will be good admins.
    4. Finally discussing when we think we should go live with our little project.
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  • Memphis the light

    Hello wikicitizens of our little site. I know that if people transfer over they do not want to deal with having to redo their work word by word. So I will do you all a favor and provide a link for exporting and importing

    Well then welcome to the site and may you have a fun time.

    1. Find a category that has most of your work. (EX: Memph's gallery of creations) and copy the hyperlink or the name of it.

    2. Next go to the export link that I gave you and paste the name of your category into the blank space next to add.

    3.Hit the add button.

    4.check or decheck anything you want on the boxes that they provide you.

    5.Hit export. the document on y…

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