• Sakura Misato


    June 21, 2011 by Sakura Misato

    Last character blog for a while. Should the original Cielestra be a hedgehog, cat, wolf or fusion?

    (I'll be posting this on SFW too)

    Lemme go through her appearance:

    Cielestra has silver fur, which sometimes glints in the sunlight. She has something known as Heterchromia after an accident, resulting her having two different coloured eyes; one blue, one red. Her hair is normally straight, but can be wavy when it rains.


    She is a shy girl, and often doubts her abilities. Her emotions can be mixed up, causing herself trouble. As an amnesiac, she tries to find out her past, what she was like before. She will go through extreme lengths to get clues to her past.

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  • Sakura Misato


    June 20, 2011 by Sakura Misato

    Confused. Stuck on Cielestra. She has two split forms, but I can't just cram them all on one page. But, she's kinda like Destiney and Darangel, but.... can't think of a name for the true Litemon.. help please??

    Snowstorm, Snowstorm, My heart has already been blown over

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