Well, I don't think we want to be exactly like the original SFW, so I was thinking of ways to set us apart, courtesy of Zelda Wiki.

Game blog

Zelda Wiki has a great corner for updates on Zelda games and nintendo news, so I figured why not try that here? We could start by staying updated on Sonic Generations, S&M at the London Olympics, and all sorts of SEGA news! :D


A "did you know" section that randomizes on the front page or Shoutbox would be pretty cool. Of course, our trivia will be confirmed courtesy of SNN.

Event Coordinator

An admin or 'crat could figure out contests and projects to keep the Wiki active, like a mural or contest every month or so. (I think I'd like this position best. XD)

Special Articles

Another idea courtesy of Zelda Wiki. Pretty much they're articles that anyone can write and submit. It's hard to explain, but my idea for one of these articles would be 'Effects of Dark Gaia's awakening on Mobius". I'd compare the breaking of the planet to earthquakes, the effect these quakes would have on cities, etc. Something like that.

Front Page "map" and mascot

Yeah, this idea's a bit off the top of my head, but it is the only "original" idea, so bear with me. We could create a giant map of SFCW, divide it so each pic takes you to Forums, activity, expose's, etc. And a mascot could lead us around. ^^

I'll think of more and add it soon. ^^

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