Hey guys. ^^ If you need any help or you wanna ask any questions, feel free to do so here or on my talk page. :D Once we get a few more users, we'll introduce Roleplays. We've already set up Policies and our new feature, Expose`s. With yopu guys' help, we'll get this place up to speed in no time! :D

How can YOU help?

Well to get things started, Memph, Light and I created several new Activities you can try out. ^^


Expose's are special articles comparing events in the Games, Comics, or TV shows to real events on Earth. It's difficult to describe, so you can check out the Expose I wrote: Daek Gaia's Further Effects on Earth.


When enough people show up, we'll start our first contest. :D It might be an art contest, or a writing contest, or any of 1000 other options! And there'll be some great prizes, like feautures in the Shoutbox and free art.


I'd like to set up our first Roleplay soon. SFCW Policy states that only 3 roleplays can occur at the same time. I've already thought up the plot for the first RP, but you can go to "Current Roleplays" Talkpage, submit your own ideas, and gather support! :D

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